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The Big Lebowski Donny Bobble Head

The Big Lebowski Donny Bobble Head
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Product Description

The Big Lebowski Donny Bobble Head
You're out of your bowling element!

1st-ever Donny Kerabatsos figure from the The Big Lebowski movie.

Roll this bobble head into your cart.

He'll be right at home at your place!

From The Big Lebowski, this 7-inch tall, resin bobble head brings one of the planet's most talented (and generally oblivious) bowlers to the world of collectible figures for the 1st time! Donny Kerabatsos comes to you in his best bowling duds, complete with bag, ready to knock 'em down. The lanes may be his true element, but Donny will be right at home at your place. 'Strike' now and 'spare' the excuses. Window-box packaging.

A talented surfer, Donny Kerabatsos is also the delightfully nave member of Walter and The Dude's bowling team. Donny has no problem knocking down the pins, and he loves the game as much as he loves a good hamburger, but this laid-back and highly skilled bowler has a difficult time keeping up with his teammates' conversations.

The Dude and Walter would appreciate it if he paid more attention so they didn't have to explain every last little thing to him.