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Along Came Trouble - Paperback

Along Came Trouble - Paperback
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Product Description

Trinity Harbor's sheriff Tucker Spencer has seen some action . . . but finding an almost-naked woman asleep in his bed leaves him speechless. Especially because this same woman -- Mary Elizabeth Chandler -- broke Tucker's heart six years ago by marrying a charismatic Virginian politician. Now her philandering husband has been shot dead and Mary Elizabeth needs Tucker's help. She needs Tucker . . . period. But can he forgive her -- and will he want a future with her once murder and mayhem are behind them?

Seems everyone in town has an opinion about their top cop's reunion romance, including Tucker's father, King Spencer, who's determined to manage his love life -- even as he mismanages his own. But Tucker's not listening. He needs to clear Mary Elizabeth's name . . . and maybe even save her life.

Then he'll confront and even more troubling mystery . . . love!