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Behind the Lines - Paperback

Item# 1773P

Product Description

On the island of Mindanao, a man calling himself "General" Fertig has set himself up as a guerrilla leader to harass the Japanese. Army records show that the only officer named Fertig in the Philippines is a reserve lieutenant colonel of the Corps of Engineers, reported Missing In Action on Luzon, but still, the reports filtering out are interesting, and it's Marine Lieutenant Ken McCoy's mission to sneak behind the lines and find out if this Fertig is for real. With McCoy is a motley group put together as a compromise between the warring factions of MacArthur and Donovan: veteran Marine Gunnery Sergeant Ernest Zimmerman; OSS Captain R.B. Macklin, a bully who manages to fail ever upward; submariner Navy Lieutenant Chambers D. Lewis; and Marine Staff Sergeant Stephen Koffler. Together, these men will steal into the heat of enemy territory and there, amid firefights and jungle camps, encounter more than they had bargained for. Before they're done, each will undergo a test of his own personal mettleŚwith results that will surprise even the most hardened of them...