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Book Signing Chris Wendel - Saturday, June 3, 2017

Book Signing Chris Wendel - Saturday, June 3, 2017
Join us on Saturday, June 3rd from 1-3pm as Chris signs copies of his debut thriller, Human After All, set in Lakeland, FL.

Book description:

Every day for Becker Gray is a struggle to keep himself from collapse, and the best way hes discovered to do that is to hide from his past, his guilt, and his pain. Hes been known to over think, over drink, and under sleep. His job as a detective in the major crimes division affords him the luxury of keeping his mind off his tragic personal life, being too busy to drink, and making good use of the time hes not sleeping. And this kidnapping case is another great opportunity to avoid his life.

That is, until he identifies too much with the victim.

Valerie Hardy was terrorized as a child. As a result, her protective parents forced her into an existence of isolation and detachment just as Gray had framed his own life. When the man returns after ten years to terrorize Valerie again by abducting her, Gray must figure out whats happened before the kidnapper fulfills his promise to kill her. Yet, in the process, Gray collapses, losing control of himself and, briefly, even reality. Worse, during his lapse of self control, the sadistic kidnapper turns his wicked attention to Gray.

In his debut novel, Chris Wendel weaves a fast-paced thriller in the style of James Patterson with the heart and character of a Harlan Coben novel. Full of intrigue, suspense, and mystery, Human After All is a page-turning tale that will leave you wanting more Becker Gray adventures.