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The Brethren - Paperback

The Brethren - Paperback
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Annie's People introduces Lewis's enthusiastic readers to Paradise, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish country, where Annie Zook finds her life strangely intertwined with two outsiders--one a longtime pen pal, the other a forbidden love. Annie Zook, the Amish preacher's daughter with the soul of an artist, is on the fence between her Old Order heritage and two secrets: her forbidden art and a handsome Englisher, whom her preacher father has ordered her never to see again. Ben Martin flees Paradise, taking Annie's heart with him. Will he unravel his own mystery, discovering a secret that threatens to destroy everything he has believed about himself? Annie's friend Louisa Stratford returns to Denver, caught in a romantic struggle between the Plain and the fancy, while Annie moves from her childhood home to live with her shunned friend, Esther. But living with an excommunicated woman only increases the Amish brethren's disapproval. Will Annie willfully return to her art or relent and join the church?