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Carol Chambers Book Signing - February 29, 2020

Carol Chambers Book Signing - February 29, 2020
Join us on Saturday, February 29th from 1-3pm as we welcome Carol Chambers to sign copies of her book, The Journey of a Wonderful Healer: The Mystical Web of mental Illness and Spirituality.

Book description:

This is a book about hope. It is also a brave and courageous book, written by a woman who navigated the unknown lands of undiagnosed mental illness for over 6 decades, experienced the depths of despair and hopelessness and returned from a place of anxiety and depression that nearly took her life. With the great self-compassion and grace that arises when one embraces the full meaning of a lifetime of seeking coherence and healing, she tells of her journey from a terrified childhood and her first episode of severe depression, anorexia, addiction, and spiritual anguish which led her to a profound yearning for wholeness and healing. She speaks honestly of her winding way over many paths from her troubled relationship with conservative Christianity to the freedom of Energy Healing, the practice of Reiki, the wonders of the supernatural world of Celtic mystery and magic, and the profound sacred transformation of the restorative practices of ancient Shamanism. And in this journey, she found hope, healing, and peace. In her story toward healing and wholeness, Carol speaks with brutal honesty about her childhood, adolescence and relationships along the way which caused her great pain. She talks of her many attempts to discover the cause of her depression and constant anxiety. More importantly, she tells the story of her most serious breakdown and how at 63, she finally discovered her Bipolar 2 and other diagnoses and became stable for the first time in her life. Her spiritual life found wings and she discovered all that she had longed for in the waves of healing energy flowing from her hands in Reiki and the restoration of her soul through ancient Shamanic practices. Seeking a new path of discovery? Welcome! Energy Healers, caregivers, friends and families of those who experience mental illness and long for spiritual connection can also benefit from Carol's story as they seek new and innovative ways to bring hope and healing to those with whom they live and work. Carol brings her training, skills, study and experience to this engaging story. Most of all, she brings herself.

About the author: things Celtic, and various forms of Shamanism. I am a Level Three Reiki practitioner, a certi!ed Animal Reiki practitioner, and a Shamanic Practitioner. I am an artist, poet, writer, public speaker, and musician. I am also a survivor of a lifetime of mental illness and have explored the relationship between mental illness and spirituality for decades.