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Clarice Fourari Book Signing - November 23, 2013

Clarice Fourari Book Signing - November 23, 2013
Join us from 3-5pm on Saturday, November 23rd as we welcome Clarice to sign copies of Faith in Family.

Book description:

As a young girl, all Clarice ever wanted was a loving family, as she was aching to belong to something or someone. Due to her dad taking his own life, with the help of a garden hose and the family car, her reality came shattering down, allowing a fear of abandonment to rear its ugly head. Struggling to make sense of it all, she simply gave up, pretending like it didn't happen. A slew of tragedies became a major pattern in the fabric of her life. Faith in Family is an inspirational piece of material providing the reader with hope through tough times as well as joy filled days. It is unique in the aspect that although I have endured numerous battles, I have triumphed through my love of family, either blood-related or community-based. There is a self-help portion included at the end of each chapter. I know this book will speak to your heart.

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