Cover of "A Book That Takes Its Time" by Irene Smit.

A Book That Takes Its Time

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Take time to breathe. Take time to create. Take time to reflect, take time to let go. A book that's unique in the way it mixes reading and doing, A Book That Takes Its Time is like a mindfulness retreat between two covers. Created in partnership with Flow, the groundbreaking international magazine that celebrates creativity, beautiful illustration, a love of paper, and life's little pleasures. Read about the benefits of not multitasking, then turn to ?The Joy of One Thing at a Time Notebook? tucked into the pages. Make a personal timeline. Learn the art of hand-lettering. Dig into your Beginner's Mind. Embrace the art of quitting. Take the writing cure. And always smile. Move slowly and with intention through A Book That Takes Its Time, and discover that sweet place where life can be both thoughtful and playful.