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David Scott Lillis Book Signing - December 14, 2013

David Scott Lillis Book Signing - December 14, 2013
Join us on Saturday, December 14th from 1-3 pm as we welcome David Scott Lillis for a book signing.

Middle schoolers unite, you will love David's books. All of David's books will be available for you to look at and fall in love with.

More about David:

Through most of my childhood and into early adulthood I could often be found writing. I also often clung to a camera, wasting rolls of film in search of a single shot of which I could be proud. I decided to pursue an education in the arts - English and American Literature - with really no more than passing thought as to what I might do with my degree. I graduated with a focus on the Second Generation Romantics, and a minor in Mass Communications. As time passed, I thought more about doing and less about creating. I found a profession and walked away from my creative outlets years ago. I have only recently returned.

As in most things, my wife Candace was the inspiration for the series of children’s fables that I am currently publishing. I look forward to sharing them and many more stories to come.