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Dork Diaries Party - Sunday, January 27th at Noon

Dork Diaries Party - Sunday, January 27th at Noon
Join us from Noon until ???? to celebrate being a Dork!

We'll have free popcorn for all attendees. We'll play great Dork games to win fabulous Dork prizes: Dork Diaries tattoos, lip balm, bookmarks, posters and stickers.

We even have a few very "Dorky" t-shirts to give away.

All activities will take place out in front of our store. If you are dropping your kid(s) off to the party please keep in mind we are not responsible for them or their safety. We can oly be expected to make them Dorks!

If you have any questions please e-mail crissy@barrelofbooksandgames.com or call 352.735.1950

This party is open to all ages so bring all your friends too! You don't have to be a Dork to be invited. We'll Dork you when you get here!