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The Fighting Agents - Paperback

The Fighting Agents - Paperback
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1943. Dick Canidy, now the OSS's number three man, has become what no spook can be—damn near irreplaceable. Afraid that Eric Fulmar's mission has gone sour, hands-on Canidy goes behind the lines to help. In Washington, a frustrated Donovan knows that if Canidy is taken prisoner it risks losing the race to build the atomic bomb—and the war. Thus, Donovan wrestles with ordering the operation to eliminate his spies before they fall into enemy hands. Meanwhile, the Philippines are demanding the attention of Donovan's OSS. On an island, the remnants of American forces who escaped the Japanese have fled into the mountains. Led by the fiery, unorthodox Lieutenant Colonel Wendell Fertig, this ragtag army of troops and Philippine soldiers must stand against the might of the Imperial Japanese Army. But their supplies are low, the situation is desperate, and with a cadre of OSS agents as their only contact with the outside world, time is running out...