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Flapz! Family Fun Game

Flapz! Family Fun Game
Item# 00500

Product Description

Flapz! Family Fun Game
Coming August 2012!

Fun You Can Take Anywhere!

Flapz is a pocket-sized game packed with giant-sized fun! With its 96 original challenges, Flapz has kids playing at what they love the most: storytelling, blinking contests, rhyming, memory challenges, goofy dancing... Flapz really has it all! As the challenges change with situations and players, no two games of Flapz will ever be the same! Flapz is the perfect pocket game that will last forever! Its eco-friendly material is strong, light and waterproof. From the schoolyard to family trips, it can be played with anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Ages: 6 to Adult

2 or more Players

Play Time: 15 Minutes


- 1 Folded Flapz

- 96 Fun Mind-Tickling Challenges

- Illustrated Rules