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God Save the Sweet Potato Queens - Paperback

God Save the Sweet Potato Queens - Paperback
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Product Description

Grab your Fat Mama's Knock You Naked Margarita mix, a bag of Fritos, a pan of Chocolate Stuff and turn off the phone, because Browne is back with a sassy and hilarious sequel to 1999's The Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love, and you're not going to want any interruptions. Browne and her co-Queens (all named Tammy to protect their privacy) are back with more outrageous tales (including scathingly funny and surprisingly touching letters Browne wrote while pregnant) and artery-clogging/death-defying recipes. (Warning that "delaying gratification has always been tough for me," she begins preparation for Twinkie Pie, "Start with a crate of Twinkies.") Browne is a laugh-out-loud delight. On her perfect fianc : "He loves me beyond reason and lives 200 miles awayDshow me the flaw in this deal." On marriage: "Those dresses are some powerful juju and once you try one on, you're a goner." On buying new clothes after a little weight loss: "If that zipper closes, honeyDit fits! Doesn't matter if the pleats and pockets are all stretched out." Her final chapter (which starts: "I've written this entire book to avoid writing this chapter"), a tribute to two men she lost, is as heartbreaking as the rest of the book is hilarious. Browne succeeds at both extremes, writing a jaundiced but life-affirming book with sweetness and heart