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Joe Finch Book Signing - Sunday, February 15, 2015

Joe Finch Book Signing - Sunday, February 15, 2015
Join us as Joe Finch signs copies of Angel's Wing from 1pm - 3pm on Sunday, February 15th.

Born the day we bombed Hiroshima, Joe Finch grew up in Tucson, then overseas in Morocco, Spain, Greece and Thailand, spending 16 years overseas. He returned to Tucson in 1961 to attend High school for better grounding in English and U.S. History. In 1963 he began Engineering at the University of Arizona.

Joe was drafted into the Army in 1966, spent a year enlisted, then was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry in 1967. He held various command and staff positions in combat peacetime assignments in Europe and the continental US, progressing rapidly up the ranks until Oct 1989 when he fell and suffered a near fatal stroke. After two years of physical and occupational therapy Joe, was discharged from the service, went back into the work force as a civilian engineer and eventually joined the Amphibious vehicle design team with Headquarters, USMC.

Joe was the OpsO for the Inauguration of George Bush senior; Director of Operations for 1101st Signal brigade, OPSO for invasion of Panama; provided Communications support for disaster recovery after Hurricane Hugo, provided communications for the San Francisco Earthquake disaster relief; and provided communications support for the invasion of Grenada.

In March 2002 he began visiting the wounded troops returning from Iraq and AFG and started holding dinners for troops, and organized a campaign to send myriad boxes of comfort items to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2003 Joe joined the Armed Forces Foundation as hospital Outreach chairman. Joe and his wife met many of the returning wounded troops and were able to help raise spirits and help them find jobs. He was Given the title “Uncle Joe” by many of the wounded at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval hospital

In 2008 the USMC submitted "Uncle Joe's works" including nearly 13,000 volunteer hours with the troops to DOD. Joe was selected to receive the Spirit of Hope Award from the Hope Foundation for best demonstrating Bob Hope's spirit of support to the troops. Joe's efforts to visit with the troops (discover their needs and get the right help involved), serving them a meal or entertaining them at the hospitals has given hundreds of civilians an opportunity to meet our wounded troops on a personal basis and experience their uplifting attitude patriotism and gratitude. Many later experience tears of joy at being able to speak of that experience.

Now retired for the third time, Joe and his wife of 39 years, Monika, have moved to the Villages, Florida where they hope to have more short Travels and complete Joe’s 3 other books... but who knows what else God has in store for them. “When I discover what He wants me to do, I will dedicate myself to that task”.