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MK Book Signing - January 25, 2014

Join us Saturday, January 25th from 3:30 - 5:30pm when MK will sign copies of her books.

South Lake County is home to yet another up and coming published author. This time it is an author known only as MK. MK lives in Clermont and she has written two new romance novels.

MK has previously worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood having written plots for popular shows such as the Six Million Dollar Man and Fantasy Island. She admitted that making the change from screenwriting to book writing was a big step to take. "When you write for the screen, the camera does a lot of the talking. When you tell a narrative you can give so much more detail", she explained.

The target audience for MK's books are contemporary women age 20 and up. MK decided to write her first novel after hearing that many women either didn't like or didn't finish the Fifty Shades of Grey series because there was very little character development. "All of my characters are based on real people and you feel like you know them after you've finished my book. You actually worry about what will happen to them when you're reading." MK promised.

MK calls her books "The ultimate weekend read!" as they are easy to read and under 300 pages each. Her first book is titled Yours ForeverůMaybe and it is a story of sex, greed, crime and love. The second title, which just came out a few weeks ago, is called WastedůMaybe and it takes place in the patriarchal 1950's.

The author also announced that she is currently working on a third novel. She claims that this one will have a little bit of a different feel. "It will be a historical fiction" she said. "I have so many stories cooking in my head and waiting to be told" she confessed.

The hope for MK is that those who read her novels will "Grow as the characters grow throughout the stories". She pointed out that each of her characters are on a journey which is something everyone can relate to. She told about how "lost people find themselves in my stories and through the course of events they become actively different." Her desire is that "readers can improve as the characters do".