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The Lord God Made Them All - Hardcover

The Lord God Made Them All - Hardcover
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Product Description

With each book more impressive than the last, James Herriot once again brings us the magical beauty of Yorkshire and his heartwarming experiences as a country veterinarian. These new stories provide a grand finale to the books that began with ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL--tales told with grace and magnanimity, and woven through with love. It is just after World War II, and James has returned from the R.A.F. to do battle with the diseases and injuries that befall the farm animals and pets of Skeldale and the surrounding moors. Four-year-old Jimmy Herriot, Humphrey Cobb and his little beagle Myrtle, Bella the milk cow who is in desperate trouble, Norman the book-loving veterinary assistant, and Jack Scott, the soft-hearted farmer, all join old favorites Siegfried and Helen among the green hills of Yorkshire, as James takes an unforgettable voyage to Russia on a freighter with 383 pedigree sheep. Touching our hearts with laughter and wisdom...lifting our spirits with the compassion and goodness, James Herriot never fails to delight.