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Maria Laguerta BobbleHead - Dexter

Maria Laguerta BobbleHead - Dexter
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Product Description

Maria Laguerta BobbleHead - Dexter
That's one determined woman!

Bobble head of Lauren Vélez as Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta.

Based on Showtime's Dexter TV series.

Collect all the Dexter wobblers from Bif Bang Pow!

Based on Showtime's Dexter TV series. it's Lt. Maria LaGuerta… as a 7-inch tall, resin bobble head! Played by actress Lauren Vélez, this intimidating woman rules the Homicide Division with an iron hand. But she'll be nice to you if you give her half a chance.

Add Lt. LaGuerta to your order, and see for yourself!

The lieutenant makes a terrific companion piece to the other Dexter bobble heads from Bif Bang Pow!