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Red Lily - Paperback

Red Lily - Paperback
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Hayley loves her life in Memphis: her precious baby girl, Lily, her job at the In the Garden nursery, and her close friendships with her boss, Roz, and coworker Stella. Hayley isn't about to risk all this on the chance that Roz's son, Harper (his mother's last name), might be interested in her. But when her desire for Harper finally proves to be too strong to resist, Hayley discovers not only that Harper feels the same about her but also that everyone is delighted to see them together. In fact, the only one who seems upset by her new relationship is the "Harper Bride" ghost, who, after nearly a century of unthreatening behavior, is suddenly turning violent. Now if Hayley wants her budding romance to flourish, she must find a way to root the Harper Bride out of all of their lives. The consistently excellent Roberts brings her In the Garden trilogy to a spooky, sexy conclusion with this spellbinding romance that beautifully celebrates the power of love in all its guises