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The Revenge of the Wannabes - Paperback

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Product Description

They're back! The rich, designer name-dropping, thoroughly conceited and obnoxious seventh-grade girls of Octavian Country Day School in Westchester, NY, return to compete against one another for who'll be the reigning queen of the school's "in crowd." Super-wealthy, super-indulged Alicia Rivera switches ballot boxes in the vote for a school uniform so that she wins instead of super-wealthy, super-indulged Massie Block. Readers will battle through their annoyance with and desire to choke these two girls, for the believability and humanity found in Claire and Kristen keep the story line moving. Massie and Alicia make mistakes, everyone interferes in the others' lives and loves, and all of the characters learn about their own limitations. But this is not for every collection; not-so-wealthy urban teens might prefer stories by Jacqueline Woodson, and country teens might rather read Audrey Couloumbis's tales of growing and learning without the trappings of flaunted wealth.