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Return to Promise - Hardcover

Return to Promise - Hardcover
Item# 4427H

Product Description

Macomber's name sells books, and her newest title doesn't let readers down. Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Such is the case here, as Macomber returns readers to Promise, Tex., a small ranching town filled with loving, friendly people and down-home Texas charm. Cal and Jane Patterson had planned simply to relax, but lately Cal has been yearning for his reckless days riding bulls in the rodeo, and Jane (known as Dr. Texas to Promise's townsfolk) has her hands full caring for their two children and working at the medical clinic part time. When Jane's dad becomes ill, she packs up the kids and flies home to Southern California, leaving Cal to fend for himself. Jane's absence is the opening that beautiful, restless (and cliched) vixen Nicole Nelson has been waiting for; she's been attracted to Cal for years and has returned to Promise after an absence of many years with the single-minded aim to destroy Cal's marriage and snag Cal for herself. Cal isn't buying into Nicole's scheme, but a couple of innocent encounters with Nicole has tongues wagging and stirs up plenty of unrest between Jane and Cal. Although the extent of those problems strains credulity, Macomber touches on incidences of insecurity and poor communication that nearly every couple faces at one time or another.