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The Saboteurs - Paperback

The Saboteurs - Paperback
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In this first novel co-authored by W.E.B. Griffin and his son William E. Butterworth IV, it's February 1943, and plans are secretly underway for the attack on the Axis through what Winston Churchill calls its "soft underbelly" the invasion of Sicily, and then of Italy. The Allies first need intel and more, and when OSS Director Wild Bill Donovan directs top operative Dick Canidy to set up the resistance and its saboteurs in Sicily, the fight against Fascism finds the OSS working with the unlikeliest of allies Charlie "Lucky" Luciano and the Mob. Meanwhile, as the race to build the first atom bomb continues, President Roosevelt tells Donovan to quietly and quickly stop what the FBI can't: The German commando-trained agents who were put ashore by U-boat and are terrorizing the U.S. by exploding bombs in railway stations, electrical power stations, and more.