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Melody Dean Dimick Book Signing - December 1, 2013

Melody Dean Dimick Book Signing - December 1, 2013
Join us Sunday, December 1st from 1-3pm as we welcome Melody Dimick to the store.

Melody will sign copies of her book, Silent Screams.

Book Description:

Aricia Sterling needs to belong and feel accepted for the artist she is, but her corporate-minded parents consider her career choice ridiculous. Her best friend, Layla Nardini, wants privacy and the chance to date. The two friends and three other manga book readers, including two boys who join more out of interest in the girls than books, form the Manga Book Club. When the club members express their individuality by wearing costumes to school, they set in motion events that escalate from a reprimand in the principalís office to the abduction of Layla by a human trafficker at a carnival. The friends form a strong bond as they race to save Layla. Can Aricia, Dallas, and Tatsumi find Layla before her captor sells her? Will the club membersí first taste of romance lead to prom dates and acceptance by their classmates?