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Stacey Coverstone Book Signing - Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stacey Coverstone Book Signing - Saturday, November 21, 2015
Join us from 1pm - 3pm on November 21st as Stacey signs copies of her book based right here in Lake County.

Combining mystery, romance, and the supernatural, Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy) is a novella of three stories weaving together memorable characters who live and work on the lake in a small Florida town from the years 1881-2120.

Inspiration for this book was drawn from the charming town of Mount Dora, Florida and the historic 1883 Lakeside Inn sitting on beautiful Lake Dora, where the author lives and works.

Jennie and the Lighthouse Keeper (The Past)

Jennie Sullivan is released from an insane asylum into the care of her sister, who manages a small inn on Lake Tavadora. When Jennie rows across the lake on her own to explore a lighthouse, she meets the handsome and mysterious lighthouse keeper and feels the restoration of her damaged spirit. But after a night of forbidden romance, he vanishes into thin air, leaving Jennie a target for gossip. Either she really is crazy, or she fell in love with a ghost.

Casey and the Seaplane Pilot (The Present)

Casey Walden has given up her dream career to manage her father’s fledgling hotel on Lake Tavadora. When Tad, the man who broke her heart, flies in from Alaska on a seaplane after 18 months of estrangement, she is not willing to so easily forget the hurt he caused. All Tad wants is her forgiveness and a second chance, but two things stand in his way: Casey’s new boyfriend and the mistakes of his past.

Jack’s Story (The Future)

Jack Butterfield arrived in Florida in the year 1881 and began earning his living on Lake Tavadora. Now he and his faithful companion for over 200 years are dying. Together they discovered the fountain of youth, but the miracle elixir has finally been depleted. Old friends are long gone. The world has changed drastically. Jack is ready to go to the “big lake in the sky,” but before he succumbs, he is determined to share the secrets hidden within Lake Tavadora’s depths.