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Frank Stanfield Book Signing - January 19th

Frank Stanfield Book Signing - January 19th
Frank Stanfield has covered thousands of criminal cases for more than 30 years as a newspaper editor and reporter, including "The Orlando Sentinel" and the "Leesburg Daily Commercial."

"Unbroken is both a memoir and a crime story that contrasts the wildly dysfunctional lives of two young assailants with one woman's healing faith. It helps answer the question posed by Job in the Bible: Why do good people suffer?

Dorothy Lewis sat in the back seat trying to comfort her young daughters while one of the carjackers cursed and shoued for them to be quiet. As she began to pray, one of the attackers sneered: "This ain't Jesus doing this, this is Satan doing this."

The two teens lived up to the billing. Dorothy was raped, shot in the head three times and left for dead and the children murdered in a crime so senseless the killers couldn't even explain it.

Dorothy, who was a young widow, once told her sister,"If anything happens to the girls you might as well lock me up." Instead, she embarked on a long, remarkable recovery. She had only one question for God: "Why was I spared? The answer is the thing that has kept her "Unbroken." Today, she offers hope and comfort to anyone facing the tragedy, or what seems like a hopeless situation, in the telling of this inspirational story.

Frank will be signing copies of his book, Unbroken: The Dorothy Lewis Story from 1pm - 3pm.