Cover: Fablehaven books in series by Brandon Mull.
Cover: "Fablehaven", book one in series by Brandon Mull.
Cover: "Fablehaven: Rise of the evening star", book two  in series by Brandon Mull.
Cover: "Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow plague", book three in series by Brandon Mull.
Cover: "Fablehaven: Secrets of the dragon sanctuary", book four in series by Brandon Mull.
Cover: "Fablehaven: Keys to the demon prison", book five in series by Brandon Mull.

Fablehaven Series

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The series begins as 13-year-old Kendra and 11-year-old Seth Sorenson are traveling to their Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson's house while their parents are away on a 17-day cruise. When they get there, they also meet Dale, the groundskeeper, and Lena, the housekeeper. Grandma Sorenson is "mysteriously" missing. Grandpa Sorenson does not tell Kendra and Seth about Fablehaven being a secret preserve for magical creatures at first, but instead sets up a rather complex puzzle involving six keys and a locked journal for Kendra to solve. Once Kendra unlocks the mostly blank journal, she discovers the words "Drink the milk." She and Seth drink the magical milk opening their eyes to a whole new, mystical world full of the magical beings of Fablehaven. Then Kendra and Seth must face challenges such as defeating an evil witch and a powerful demon, defending the preserve from an evil society, stopping a plague that changes creatures of light into creatures of darkness, and ultimately, protecting the world from a horde of imprisoned demons. By Brandon Mull