Cover of "Why Unicorn Drinks" by C.W. Moss.

Why Unicorn Drinks

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In this hilarious follow up to Unicorn Being a Jerk, Why Unicorn Drinks reveals through snarky, colorful illustrations what drives Unicorn to the bottle. In Unicorn Being a Jerk, author/illustrator C.W. Moss introduced us to the true nature of unicorns, proving that they are not the majestic creatures we think they are. And now, in Why Unicorn Drinks, he bravely delves even further into the emotional state of unicorns, where we learn what horrors lead Unicorn to drink, including: Because Unicorn meat is a delicacy; Because the homeless woman on the bus touched his penis; Because weed isn’t legal yet. Featuring approximately 65 four-color illustrations and accompanying captions, Why Unicorn Drinks is a fun, irreverent follow up to the successful Unicorn Being a Jerk, and will be required reading for all those unicorn fans who are ready to face the ugly reality of this mythical creature.