Cover of numerous " Canterbury Classics" books.
Cover of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle&
Cover of Sir Richard Burtons "The Arabian nights"
Cover of The brothers Grimm "Grimm&
Cover of Hans Christian Andersen&
Cover of Homer&
Cover of Mark Twains "The Adventure of Tom Sawyer", "The Prince and the Pauper", "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur&
Cover of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare".
Cover of Edger Allen Poes "Stories and poems".
Cover of Barack Obamas "Speeches"
Cover of Jules Verne&
Cover of Victoria Hugo&
Cover of "The U.S. Constitution and Other writings.
Cover of Lewis Carroll&
Cover of H.P Lovecraft&
Cover of "The Art of War & Other Classics of Eastern Philosophy".
Cover of Robert Dallers "Monument. Words of four Presidents who Sculpted America"
Cover of F. Scott Fitzgerald&
Cover of "Selected works of Jack London"
Cover of "Classic Tales of Science Fiction & Fantasy".
Cover of Canterbury classics "Classic Tales of Horror".
Cover of Sir Thomas Malorys "Le Morte d&
Cover of Dante Alighieri&
Cover of H.G Wells Six novels.
Cover of Robert Louis Stevenson&
Cover of Canterbury Classics "Ancient Greek Philosophers".
Cover of Canterbury Classics "Classic Works from Women Writers".
Hard cover of Jane Austen&
Cover of "An Encyclopedia of Tolkien" by David Day.
Cover of Robert Frost&
Cover of Walt Whitman&
Cover of Canterbury classics "Classic Westerns".
Cover of Charles Dickens "Four Novels."
Cover of Thomas Bullfinch&

Canterbury Classics

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Whether you want to reread a classic or introduce a loved one to a timeless tale, Canterbury Classics gives old-school literature a new lease on life with modern covers, custom endpapers, and colorful leather binding. Both fiction and nonfiction works receive modern makeovers, earning their place on any color-coded bookshelf.