Cover of "If You Give a Bunny a Beer" written by Sam Miserendino.

If You Give A Bunny A Beer

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A raucous parody--DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN--of the popular If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series, Sam Miserendino and Mike Odum present the Addicted Animal Series. If You Give a Bunny a Beer is a book for moms and dads whose fondness for Budweiser, Heineken, or Coors Light might be a little more evolved than their parenting skills. Here is the story of a rabbit who had just one too many. Following the success of other adult-themed parodies of children's books, author Sam Miserendino presents a delightful tale that will entertain readers with its charming combination of innocence and lack thereof. Featuring gorgeous full-color illustrations by illustrator Mike Odum that accompany the text, this heartwarming cautionary tale informs readers of the dangers of mixing alcohol and small mammals.