Cover of "Wish Upon a Sleepover" by Suzanne Selfors.

Wish Upon a Sleepover

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Bestselling author Suzanne Selfors brings heart and humor to this middle grade novel about a group of misfits who find true friendship where they least expect it.

All Leilani wants is to become friends with the most popular girls in her class, so she invites them to a sleepover. But when her Hawaiian grandmother, Tutu, accidentally mails the invitations to the DO NOT INVITE list, the three kids she did not want to come show up instead: the neighbor who won’t talk to her; the girl who always wears a hat and cape; and her cousin who teases her. She only has her best friend, Autumn, to get her through the night.

What's worse, Tutu didn't buy any food, but left a strange recipe for “Sleepover Soup” which requires the guests to find and collect one ingredient that has significant meaning in their lives and then wish on it. So begins a scavenger hunt that takes the kids one another's worlds, where five unlikely friends find what they truly desire—acceptance.